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Time to make yourself a killing…

Hitman - a new 15 line slots game out today!Just launched today!  Hitman.

I do not often rate a new release as an “absolute must try“. Even if you’re not that fussed for interactive slots games or killing bad guys I’m confident that you’ll get a buzz out of the new Hitman feature/bonus slot from Microgaming. I hope you got your practice in (see previous blog post).

Hitman is licensed by Microgaming from Eidos Interactive Limited and based on the well-known, internationally acclaimed PC game.

Expanding Wilds add some good dimension to this new slotWilds are just unreal in this new game – they expand covering a row to give you more chances to win. I even had two expanded wilds side by side. The assassin with crossed guns blends into movie quality images of the guy packing up after a job and walking out closing the door…
How cool is that?

Expanding Wilds add some dimensionIn my first ‘Contract Bonus’ game it was relatively easy to pick a bad guy to bump off but surprisingly hard to select which weapon to use as they all looked great fun. Garotting wire, laser sighted sniper guns, syringes with vials of (fast acting) poison, throwing knives… hhmmm.

As you can no doubt tell, I REALLY like this game and consider it to be one of the best new casino slots releases in the last year.

Graphics: great.
Sounds: cool.
Interactivity: heaps. 
Win options: many.

Hitman gives you lots of ways to win (2 interactive bonus games plus the opportunity for 18 free spins) so there is always something new happening…

OK, I’ve raved enough… YOUR turn to play.  Hitman can be downloaded now for free at the following top UK-owned, Kahnawake-licensed online casinos (sorry, no US players):

>>GO TO Ruby Fortune Casino
>>GO TO Spin Palace Casino

PS: Play for free as a guest or for real money – it’s your call. 

US players from 39 states can play HITMAN at this top casino US Players can download Hitman from Blackjack Ballroom. (BJBR is one of the few safe, reputable casinos licensed by Microgaming that are able to accept US players from 39 States). 

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Contract killing the next Microgaming Casino theme!

Now here’s something to look forward to…

I’ve blogged previously on enjoying a bit of brute violence… ah, actually I was reviewing a new slots game called Ultimate Fighters available at some Playtech Casinos (like BetFred and CentreBet).  Ultimate Fighters features Ninjas, Boxers, Kung fu exponents and other capably violent types.

Hitman from Microgaming - out soon!Well, the good news is that Microgaming Casinos are about to get their own assassin-themed slots game launching soon (in March and we’re already in the last week!) – it’s called Hitman.

It features sneaky shady characters with vials of poison, throwing knives, sniper guns… all serious stuff. It’s bonus game is called a Contract Bonus of course and is ultra interactive.

Ultimate Fighters slot has a strange rock scissor paper bonus fightHitman is not out yet but – but they’re already billing it as “how to make a killing” so perhaps you might like to warm up with Ultimate Fighters.



Try Ultimate Fighters for free or for real money a these 2 great Playtech Online Casinos:

Click to visit Centrebet now>>GO TO CENTREBET CASINO

Click to visit BetFred Casino now>>GO TO BETFRED CASINO

(Sorry, US players can’t play for real money at Playech casinos)

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We are so sorry….Presidential protestations

Click to visit his web siteI was sent links to a US web site recently ( and thought the least I could do is share it with US readers who have yet to see it. It is actually relevant to all readers, not just Americans…

It is basically a series of Amercian’s apologising for President Bush, each entry has varying degres of humor and contempt. Click through and add your own thoughts! One of the non-US labrat team members wrote a “we accept your apology… but please vote him out” comment. The site does have a “we’re not sorry” section but it does not get many postings…

On the same theme you might also like to play Dubya Money (images below), This is a crazy instant-play 3-reel slot (Flash based so no download is required). Dubya Money really doesn’t do a lot to make President Bush look sane. He even says dumb stuff (as we’ve sort of come to expect).

Dubya Money is a fun slots gameThe bonus round of Dubya Money can be very rewarding





You can play it with free (with 2000 guest credits) or for real money at either of these 2 reputable Microgaming Flash-only Casinos.

Click to visit Jackpots casino (sorry no US real money players)>> Click to visit Jackpots in a Flash Casino (UK owned and part of the well regarded Palace Group of online entertainment sites). Sorry, no US real-money play. 

Click to visit Strike It Lucky Casino - US players from 39 States can play for real money>> Click to visit Strike it Lucky (part of the popular Casino Rewards Group who still accept US players from 39 States) 

PS: I must admit I’m embarrassed on behalf of my own “head of state” – the New Zealand Prime Minister, a badly-dressed harridan called Helen Clark. She is currently in the US and lunched with Bush yesterday…

She was so far out-classed it wasn’t funny. Ms Clark came across as a total irrelevance. The US president was more interested in a NZ TV reporter’s rather loud pin striped suit…oh well, we are only a small nuclear-free island nation of 4 million people at the bottom of the world…  🙂

PPS: New Zealand is a great – safe – and surprisingly friendly, place to visit.

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Why go to Vegas when you can visit Monte Carlo?

OK, now I’m torn – a few blog posts ago I offered you a trip to Las Vegas courtesy of Premierbet Casino, but now I think I’d prefer to win this trip instead… I’ve actually been to Monte Carlo years ago, and it’d be great to refresh my memories of this amazing place. 

Anyway…YOU can Win a Luxury 5 day Holiday to Monte Carlo!

Eurobet offers safe, secure and potentially profitable online gambling entertainment
To celebrate the launch of 3 brand new “3D” roulette games Eurobet is offering you the chance to win Luxury Holiday to Monte Carlo for two – runners-up win Flat Screen TV’s & Champagne Gift Boxes.

OK…How do I win?
Simply stake £25 or more playing either Classic Roulette, European Roulette or Global Roulette on Eurobet Games between Tuesday 20th & Tuesday 27th March, and you could win.

The Eurobet 3D Roulette does offer a more realistic casino roulette experience with improved graphics, full personalisation and play statistics. Table limits to suit most players. 

3 brand new 3D Roulette Games just launched at Eurobet

Eurobet is owned by Coral EuroBet Ltd and has been a specialised gambling operator since 1926. This instant-play no download online casino is UK owned and licensed in Gibraltar.

Sorry NO US players>>GO TO Eurobet Games (to find out more about 3D Roulette)
>>READ more about Eurobet Casino

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New Microgaming Irish Pirate Slots Game – no download, play for free

Treasure Ireland (Not a typo) is a just-released game now online at Ladbrokes Casino. No registration is required if you want to play for free – no download either (it’s browser based).Click to go to Ladbrokes Casino - no registration or download required for free playThe Bonus game in Treasure Ireland - triggers when you accumuate 3 maps





>For Brits and Irish Casino Players… 

As an extended St Patrick’s Day celebration top UK online Casino Ladbrokes Casino is running a promotion limited to UK and Irish players.

You can win a trip for 2 to Dublin, have a meal at a top restaurant, stay in a great hotel – plus you get tickets to the Punchestown Racecourse on 27th April!

All you’ve gotta do (besides from being UK and Ireland based and I guess over 18…) is to play £25 on the new Ladbrokes Treasure Ireland pub slot or (if you’re not a slots kind of person), play Roulette – any time between 16th March and 31st March.

>>For the rest of us: (sorry no US real money players)…

Actually, the  new slots game itself is worth a look – sort of a cross between the hugely popular Who Wants to be a Stallionaire, and other slots like Cash n Curry, GeeGees and Pub Fruity (you know, the slots game with the darts game as the bonus round). It’s a no download Microgaming software-based slot so has great graphics, lots of thought has gone into the sounds and there are lots of ways to win money. Top prize is £50,000 (or currency equivalent). New features like ‘extra life’ and special feature wins tot up as you play the bonus game. Old hands at Microgaming slots will instantly recognise the game format and get stuck in pronto.

“Land ahoy, Treasure Ireland” in a funny Irish lilt signals you’ve scored a bonus round. Lots of shamrocks, Guinness and even potatoes feature…as you’d expect in an St Patrick’s Day celebration – all within a nautical sea-gull ridden background theme.

You can play for free (demo play with a balance of 200 each time you play) – or you can play for real money. Yes, as you’d expect you’ve gotta play for real to enter he “win a trip” competition.

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The weather is so bad I am moving house…

It’s cold and wet and REALLY windy out today – even the cat refuses to budge and is curled tightly in one of those ‘hibernation’ balls, waiting on a season change.

We live on a (windy) cliff top overlooking a small harbour and today everything is just wind-whipped grey…all the better to hunker down for some bright and colourful online slots!

Today my favourite game is Microgaming’s Prime Property. No, I’m not really moving house, the wind’s just gotta stop soon… or I’ll need to hit something (or play Playtech’s Ultimate Fighters Slot – subject for another blog).

>> Prime Property is a 5-reel 40-payline slot with a bonus game, lots of free spins and a potential $120,000 jackpot.

Prime Property Moving Van - this is a fun slots game!Whoever designed this game had obviously had big problems moving house. (The Scatter moving truck drops stuff). I’m also not sure I’d trust any of the key and contract wielding real estate agents either. (What is it they say – realtors are less trusted than used car sales people and only one step ahead of lawyers?)

Prime Property Bonus Game - keep picking housesThe panic-buy feeling of the hoards of people rushing past the Prime Property sign (as the wild) freaks me out – I don’t need reminding how tight the market is at present! Perhaps the game developer was actually trying to depict all the nosey neighbours and time wasters coming in for an open home? (Most vendors would relate to this one!)

The bonus game on this slot is great – you just keep selecting houses off the Property pages until the free spins options starts – and we just kept on and on selecting…I was beginning to wonder if the game had screwed up it went on so long. In the end we won over 30,000 coins on 30 free spins.

See how you do – you can play for free or for real money at any of these sites below.

>>US Players from 39 States can play at Blackjack Ballroom or Yukon Gold Casino. (Kahnawake, Canada Licensed and part of the popular Casino Rewards group of online entertainment sites).

>>We recommend UK and Europeans players try their hand at these new games at either Spin Palace or Ruby Fortune Casino. (Kahnawake, Canada Licensed and UK-owned)

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No green beer, but still worth celebrating!

Feeling lucky? Win a trip to Ireland with top Irish Casino DublinbetRather than drinking dodgy green beer and donning a green hat…

what about celebrating St Patrick’s Day with Casino and be in to win a trip to Dublin, Ireland? 

Just deposit EURO50 or currency equivalent as a single deposit any time during March and you’re in the draw…

The winner will receive a round trip flight and first class accommodation in the heart of Dublin City for a long weekend in the spring of 2007.

While you’re there you can even play at the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club – the same tables takes webcam feeds off for their cool Live Dealer table games. Don’t forget to wave!

PS: Check out the early payout blackjack – this is pretty cool and unique to
PPS: Sorry no US players can play for real money at

Click to visit>>Visit DublinBet here (sorry, no US real money players)
>>Here’s a link to a detailed review of DublinBet so you can see hhow they compare, which payment methods they take, what’t hot and what’s not…)

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Ever Wondered Why Jacks are called Jacks?

Visit for the lastest online casino ratings and reviewsAs you ponder your Blackjack or Poker hand have you ever wondered why the Jack called a Jack, rather than a Prince, Earl or another nobleman?

Apparently the first European cards had all-male court cards; a seated king, a cavalier astride his horse and a foot servant or soldier. So the rank of the individual represented on the card increased with the value of the card. 1 (the ace), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, knave, cavalier, king. (Sometimes the ace ranks above the king.)

In the 15th century, those innovative French for reasons unknown, substituted a queen instead of the cavalier. French cards became popular in England and formed the basis of the standard English pack.

So at this time in England – and right up until the 3rd quarter of the 19th century, the court cards were called king, queen and knave, with knave being the now-defunct term for a male servant.

In the game of All Fours, jack is the name of the point awarded for winning a trick containing the knave of trumps. It was therefore also applied to the knave of trumps itself in this game. Later it also meant any of the knaves.

At the time the word Jack also had ‘a common man’ as one of its meanings.

In the middle of the 19th century, cards were labelled in 2 or 4 corners with a value, or the first initial of court cards giving K (for the king), Q (for the queen) and the first 2 initals of knave giving Kn. This was not popular and eventually was adapted to use the alternative term for a common man which was also associated with the knave card, Jack.

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Like Roulette? Fancy a trip to Vegas?

PremierBet Casino is sleek, new and well worth a look!PLAY ONLINE ROULETTE AT PREMIERBET CASINO AND WIN A TRIP FOR 2 TO LAS VEGAS

Play just £25 on a roulette table during one of the two remaining ‘Vegas Roulette Tournaments’ in March and you’ll be entered into a prize draw for an all inclusive luxury break to Las Vegas. You can also win up to £150 free.

There are just two more opportunities to win:
> Sunday 18th March 00:00:01 to Monday 19th 23:59:59 
> Sunday 25th March 00:00:01 to Monday 26th 23:59:59

As long as you turnover a minimum of £25 (or currency equivalent) in chips in the tournament you’ll be entered into a prize draw for the luxury trip to Vegas. Plus the top 3 players who accumulate the highest number of games throughout the tournament will be awarded up to £150 (or equivalent) in chips.

> Sorry, players from USA and Malta are excluded from this promotion.

Click to visit this fully licensed and secure online casino

PremierBet Casino is one of the more innovative boutique casino offerings on the net. Powered by Orbis Technologies (The Pay TV people) and licensed and regulated in Malta this site comes higly recommended.  Read a full review of PremierBet Casino for more information.

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120 assessed, only 10 recommended. Which is the Best Microgaming Casino?

Click to visit the Best Microgaming Casinos page nowIn true test-rodent style, a squeaky clean new page has just arrived on

If you’ve ever wondered whether all Microgaming Casinos are the same – or how the hell anyone would choose a ‘top casino’ from the 120+ online casinos operating on this awesome software, have a look at the new page!

Once you get over the ‘bonus chasing’ aspect and focus on core ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s not’ it was not that hard to whittle the list down to just 10 that we actually rate and recommend! Yep, that’s 10 out of 120… and of those we actually consider just 4 to be ‘stand out’

Here’s a link to the Microgaming assessment page (or click on the page image left) and here’s a link to our casino review method in case you want to know a bit more.

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