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Let em Ride Strategy and Odds: Win an iPhone!

This month Bodog Casino is offering players of this popular game the chance to win an iPhone free. (previous blog posting).

“Let ’em Ride”, “Let it Ride” – whatever name you use it’s a kind of poker game played without a dealer… Here’s a quick run down on how to play Let em Ride – plus a play strategy and odds analysis that you may find useful.

As the cards fall you can choose to reduce your bet size if your hand doesn’t look promising, this is what gives the game some skill element.

You start Let Em Ride by making three bets of equal size, and if you like a side bet. Three cards are then dealt to each player plus two community cards dealt face down.

If you don’t like what you see you can pull back one of your bets. One community card is then turned over. You get another chance to pull back another bet if you still don’t rate your hand. Tha hand ends when the second community card is turned over and you’re paid on the poker value of your three cards plus the two community cards.

The standard Let Em Ride pay table starts at 1/1 for a pair of 10s or higher, to 1,000/1 for a royal flush.

Some experts advise that the best gaming strategy for the first three cards is to “Let It Ride” or keep the second bet in with any of the following hands:Let em Ride strategy I




With four cards the player should “Let It Ride” with any of the following:Let em Ride strategy II




Bodog Casino ‘s resident odds man has calculated that if you apply the strategy above the house edge is 3.51% (based on the expected loss per one bet). For example, if you start with three bets of $10 you can expect to lose 35.1 cents on average. The element of risk, or expected loss to total amount bet, is 2.85%.

Bodog Casino also offers a $1 side bet on the poker value of the player’s final 5-card hand. It pays $50 for a flush, $75 for a full house, $100 for a four of a kind, 10% of a progressive jackpot for a straight flush, and the full progressive jackpot for a royal flush. For the side bet to be fair bet, the jackpot total would need to reach $263,205. (So think twice before you take on a side bet!)

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