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Bandits and Bounty Hunters in new Bet365 Casino Slot

The team at has historically rated Bet365 Casino (aka Casino365) as a leading blackjack and casino table game web destination. In fact, one of the more stylish, especially compared to others that also offer poker and a credible sportsbook through the one account.

The latest Playtech slots game releases onsite at Bet365 Casino are well worth a look. Great graphics, top audio and game engines with plenty of player interaction as well as some excellent payout possibilities!

Wanted: new online slot game at Bet365 CasinoAn example of one of the new slot releases is WANTED. As you’d expect, Wanted Slot Machine is themed on a wild west wanted poster. So there’s gun wielding Bounty hunters, desperados and a hang’em mentality. It’s a 5 reel, 25 payline line video slot where you get to take on the bandits and for once the 10/J/Q/K icons really look the place as old fasioned playing cards. It’s hard to tell the goodies from the baddies. (My Uncle John looks a bit like one moustachioed bandit, right down to the sneer. Nice.)

New Slot Machine play for fun or for realSacks of gold, a sherrif, pistol packin varmints. Sticks of dynamite are the wilds. The Pistol bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5 starts the bonus round and 3 or more cash sacks scattered about activate a mini bonus for a quick cash payout.

In the Bonus Round you choose a bad guy to catch (e.g. Mad Dog looks pretty mean!). The shootout is held in a wild west town – and you shoot bullets until your chosen villian comes out waving a white flag. The less bullets you shoot before the bandit is caged, the better your bonus payout. And, no you don’t actually get to kill him. The sherrif puffs away on his cigar while he watches over your play, pistol at the ready. The bad guy’ll no doubt be jailed and out on parole for the next time you play! 

Great game audio with richocheting gunfire, horse hoofs and a mexican sort of cowboy sound. Agreeably macho.

Click to play WANTED slot at>> Play WANTED Slot Machine for free or for real money at UK’s Bet365 Casino (Sorry, no US players can play for real at any casino powered by Playtech software).

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Let new FrankenCash slot bring out the Mad Scientist in you

Franken Cash - a fun new 5 reel feature slotTo really enjoy FrankenCash, a new 5 reel slot release at top Microgaming Casinos, you need to be a bit of a sadist and enjoy electrocuting living things!

The game has great graphics and features brains in jars, spooky castles, a hunch back and of course FrankenCash’s love interest, green – with white streaks in her hair.

FrankenCash new at Microgaming casinosAt we especially like the cool red eyed rat with a bolt in his neck but we’re not so keen on electrocuting him when you get a win line of rats! I guess he just looks like he’s had one too many party pills though…


Electrocute FrankenCashFrankenCash‘s big payouts come in the electrifying bonus feature. Once you’ve picked your volt meters to determine your bonus payout, the hunchback comes out and flips the lever to electrify poor old FrankenCash. He does seem to get off on it though, with a staunch “yeah” after each zapping.

FrankenCash himself looks a bit like a cross between the incredible hulk and Arnold Swarchenegger after a night on the town.

I think this game’s a “must play”. High on entertainment value, great graphics and potentially lucrative. The mad scientist and the bride of Frank will help you win a $25,000 Jackpot with a further $50,000 possible in the Free Spins Bonus Feature – 15 Free Spins are awarded and all wins are doubled. An extra $24,000 can be won in the Voltage Meter Bonus Game.

You can play FrankenCash slot machine (for free or play for real money) at these 2 top Microgaming sites that both accept players from around the world, including residents from 39 US States:

Click for Zodiac Casino - extra lucky online casino games>> Zodiac Casino  – Read our detailed review on Zodiac Casino here.
Click to visit Blackjack Ballroom Casino>> Blackjack Ballroom Casino – Read our detailed review on Blackjack Ballroom here.

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Microgaming makes over The Osbournes

The Osbourne Family - fun new Microgaming Casino gameThe Osbournes Slot was among yesterday’s new game releases at the leading Microgaming Casinos.

I admit that I am not an Osbournes fan. I have not watched this cringe making bunch of grungy rock residue and wanna bes on television or followed their painfully try hard antics. I do however cruise media clips and mags often enough to see that the crew at Microgaming has been EXTREMELY flattering to this lot.

The Osbournes Slot game



Dad: like, totally wasted and craggy-haggard? Not any more.
Kids: fat faced, with extreme attitude, all round bad taste? Nope.
Mom: dodgy with extensive nip/tuck work. Yes. But much younger and less extreme. I wouldn’t go as far are wholesome though! 

Perhaps agreeing to this slot game was part of family therapy? Whatever, it does make for a fun new 5 reel feature video slot game and you can play it for real money or for free at:

Click to visit Spin Palace CasinoUK’s Spin Palace Casino (sorry, no US residents) or

Click to go to Zodiac Casino nowZodiac Casino (All auspicious players, including Americans from 39 States are welcome).

The Osbournes slot is a download game (not Flash play in your browser window)

Minnie the dog leads you to bigger bonus round winsThe Osbournes game is a 5 reel 20 pay-line slot jam packed with free spins, multiplier boosts and solid cash prizes. In an industry first, the new game features an on-screen trail feature above the slots themselves, where Sharon’s dog, Minnie acts as both trigger and indicator. Get three, four or five Minnie symbols across the reels and ten Free Spins are triggered, together with a trail feature. Minnie will trot across the screen as free spins are achieved, moving across four levels – one each for Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly – with the goal of reaching Ozzy for the full reward – although each level carries a cash incentive if completed.

So what can I win? The Osbournes slot offers a rock ‘n’ roll Jackpot of 75,000 that can increase to 150,000 courtesy of Free Spins. A further 50,000 can be won in the Knock Knock Bonus Game and 30,000 in the Grab a Gift Bonus Game.

Immediate thoughts: new slot gotta play it…
Thoughts after 1 hour of play: fun, surprisingly not grungy…13500 up casino balance wise thanks to a doggy trail game with lots of repeated free spins.

Rock ‘n’ Roll your way up to the £150,000 jackpot! Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, Kelly and even Minnie the dog are fun – and far less annoying than in their real (media) life!

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Desperate for a new Wild West slots game?

It always amazes me that online casinos hide some of their better slots games away in their “games” section rather than feature them upfront. I know it’s ‘cos they run software by several suppliers, and that it’s sort of bolted together – but it sure makes it harder to find games!

Anyway, enough of a rant.

Click for more on Centrebets slots game promotionHere’s the latest promotion from Centrebet Casino. Desperados is a new 5 reel slot machine (and in my view quite a fun one!). 

Yes, it’s hidden away on the games tab of this Australian Casino site but hey, it’s well worth a look. You can play it for real money – or just for free to suss it out.

The game audio bites are excellent – especially if you like cowboys and Indians! 

The game character images come to life when you spin a win… The Mexican and Indian Chiefs are especially good. Not so sure about Calamity Jane and her lasso though, she looks a bit like something out of the remake of Dukes of Hazard. The game itself offers lots of freespins with multipliers and you can modify you wagers from $0.5 per line to “max stake” of $1,000.

It’s fun, colourful and plays good and quick.

The competition: Play $10 on Desperados slot game and go into that days draw for $50 extra casino cash. The player who has won the most cash on Desperados before the competition closes on 22 October, 2007, will be crowned “Shoot Out Champion” and win a extra $500.

>>Here’s what we think of Centrebet Casino overall in a detailed Casino Review
>>Click here to go to Centrebet Casino to check them out (sorry, no US real money play)

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Progressive Jackpot Won in Only 20 Bets!

A Winner!I like hearing about winners, especially when the return is as good as this players.

A guy called Philippe from Canada joined Spin Palace Casino and ten days later has walked away with a cool $18,801.90 having made just 20 bets and wagered only $68.00 on Poker Ride.

Excellent! Many congratulations Philippe, from the team.

Another progressive jackpot win I’m looking forward to hearing about is the canny player who takes out the mega jackpot on Mega Moolah Progressive Slot. The “damned thing” is now sitting at over $3.38 million, and just has to go soon! A couple of top Microgaming casinos are offering extra incentives so one of their players is more likely to win big – ultra big.

Click to visit SpinPalaceCasino.comPlay Mega Moolah at UK’s Spin Palace Casino and they’ll give you triple rewards points for your efforts. These points are a bit like air miles and convert nicely into extra casino chips… [Sorry, no US Players].

Click to visit Blackjack Ballroom CasinoPlay Mega Moolah at Blackjack Ballroom Casino and for every $50 purchased and played this weekend (and every weekend until this massive Jackpot is struck!), BJBR will provide $10 Insurance on all losses. That is a 20% Money Back!  [US Players from 39 States still welcome at Blackjack Ballroom Casino]

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Win Spinner – new no download Microgaming slot

Whew! There a whole heap of new NO DOWNLOAD slots games online at Ladbrokes Casino since I last played there!

Click to visit Ladbrokes Casino to play this free slotHave you checked out the new Microgaming Flash (no download) slots game release WIN SPINNER yet?

Win Spinner is an up-to-the-minute example of how far the technology and design for interactive slots has come, and we’re confident that this fast-paced and potentially rewarding game will provide you with hours of fun.

Win Spinner is another great British pub style “fruity” slot (a 3 reel one payline game with bonus feature play) but it has some new additions – the game designers have actually incorporated player suggestions!

Win Spinner pub fruit machine style slotOne example is the keyboard shortcuts to the various commands like peek, nudge and hold.  In Win Spinner, Microgaming introduces a new concept – a Win Spin Streak style feature, with every reel win awarding a number of Win Spins on a separate set of video reels. There are 7 different reel symbols which award various multiples of win spins on the top screen video reels, ranging from 1 for cherries up to 25 when the win spin logo arrives.

Win up to GBP30,000 on this bonus slotIn Win Spinner you’re  armed with all the nudges, holds and wedges necessary to achieve rewards as high as £30,000. If you like to play highly interactive games that combine Luck and skill has an extensive range of amazing online slot machines for you to try – most of which you can play for free (demo mode) to learn the ropes before you decide on playing for real.

PS: I’ve yet to find Win Spinner slot game at any other reputable Microgaming based Flash casino (as Ladbrokes is always one of the first to launch new games and seem to get exclusive time to promote them!). Unfortunately Ladbrokes are unable to accept US residents.

PPS: By the way there are some AMAZING new slots coming out later this month/early next: The long awaited THE OSBOURNES (featuring the truely disfunction family), FRANKINCASH (a Frankinstein themed 5 reel slot), DRAGON’S LOOT (especially for Dragon Slayers) and a new BLACKJACK STREAK (Gold Series, so ultra realistic and with added gamble options to max out your wins).

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Roll up, roll up and enjoy all the fun of the fair

Sneak a Peak Slots - fun and sexySo, you’re over the new Sneak A Peek strip tease slots already? (Doctor Doctor and Hunky Heroes – previous blog posting here).

If you are, I think you might be in the minority of slots players as they’ve not only “just launched” at Microgaming Casinos but from the feedback we’ve had to date many players are really enjoying them! (…You’ve got to see all characters naked at least once, surely?)

– but hey… if you’re easily offended (and I mean easily, as the gyrating undies in Hunky Heroes and cartoon 6-pack abs hardly qualifies as pornography!)

The Grand Circus Slot MachineAlso “just released” is THE GRAND CIRCUS slot machine.  While some may consider it the poor cousin of the two slots games above, perhaps it’s more you thing? If you like the sound of a brass band (sort of circusy oompah style) and the concept of firing clowns from a cannon to land on bears riding monocycles – on a tightrope, of course! – for your bonus feature, then this game’s for you!

Roll up, roll up and enjoy all the fun of the fair at this 5- Reel, 20-Payline, Multi-Coin Slot. The Tight-rope walking bears feature can deliver a fantastic 45,000 and a further 50,000 is possible via a Free Spins Bonus Feature – 20 Free Spins are awarded.

The base game Jackpot is 20,000. [NOTE: this game is only available in the English version of the download casino].

Where can I light the fuse on the clowns?

Click to visit this top rated Microgaming CasinoWe recommend Zodiac Casino for US players from 39 States

Click to visit this UK gambling legislation compliant casinoWe recommend UK and European players try Spin Palace Casino.

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