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October 23rd, 2007

Click to visit Blackjack Ballroom top rated online card roomYes! You can beat casino odds and win at Blackjack.

There are 3 ways to play Blackjack:

1. Rely on your gut instincts on whether to take another card, have no understanding of splitting or doubling-down and, above all, never look at the dealer’s up-card. You’re essentially giving the casino a needless 30% advantage, you’ll be dead meat! A huge number of Blackjack players “try their luck” in this manner!

2. Learn Basic strategy. This is the most sensible option. Thanks to computer programs that have tested how to play every possible hand billions of times, players needn’t take decisions based on gut reactions or ignorance. Basic strategy has transformed the pot-luck approach of the game – and you’ll win more often (although you’ll sometimes still get burned). And remember that the odds are still against you, so managing your stakes and having a clear financial strategy for winning or losing is essential.

At it’s amazing how often we see big winners – and we mean big – at the blackjack tables of many of the top rated online casinos!

Note: there is no one perfect basic strategy for every Blackjack game, as the rules are variable. But, for a typical set of casino rules, a table of the decisions you take will be set out in the next blog I’ll post.

3. Use a card counting technique. Ah, yes, this is the best way to win. It isn’t difficult to understand, but takes time to perfect. Operated well, card counting reverses the odds. Instead of the odds favouring the casino by about 2% even for a good basic strategy player, a card counter turns the odds to perhaps 2% in his favour. However, be warned: the better chance of card counting comes with a severe risk of being banned and facing a scary session with the gorillas below the stairs! (And it’s really only achievable at in-the-flesh casino Blackjack rather than online blackjack play).

Some Tips for Winning Blackjack

Top Tip 1: Big wins usually result from successful splits and double-downs. Always be ready to grab the chance when presented!

Top Tip 2: If the dealer’s up-card is an Ace, the dealer offers the chance of buying insurance. Basic strategy dictates that you don’t!

Top Tip 3: Blackjack rules vary, so check ‘em out before playing! Here’s some examples of things to look out for:

  • Does the dealer have to stand on soft 17 (e.g. A-6?) This is a good rule for the player.
  • How many decks are used? (It varies from one to eight or so usually) One is good.
  • Can you surrender a bad hand, losing half the stake against a good dealer up card?
  • Can you double down on any hand or just on certain totals?
  • How often can you double down? (More is better)
  • Can you only split pairs?
  • Can you split more often than once? (This is good for players but seldom allowed)
  • Can you double down after a split? (If you can this is a big advantage)
  • If splitting Aces, then can just one more card be taken on each hand? (This is a bad rule for the player)
  • Does the casino pay 3/2 if you get a Blackjack (and Ace plus a 10, Jack Queen or King?) Or are they into the new trend of paying only 6/5? (ie bad!)

Continued in the next blog post,

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