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Win at Blackjack – Part III

Okay, building on the last 2 blog posts I made (the 3 approaches to blackjack and basic blackjack strategy) here are two tables that should help you make smarter decisions on what to do when you hold specific cards – and the dealer up-card is a certain card. They should be used in conjunction with the earlier table (The “Easiest Options” posted 24 October, 2007).

Playing pairs in blackjack basic strategy.

Apply basic blackjack strategy to improve your profits 






How to play the soft hands under basic blackjack strategy. (For example where an A-3 hand can be totalled as a “soft 14” or a “4”)

Blackjack decisions made easy: basic strategy blackjack






Remember, the basic rules that make up these tables are tested (not just by me – but through billions of hands by computer software). Quite simply, if you apply these rules on when to Stand, Hit, Split or Double down you will considerably improve your chances of making money playing Blackjack!

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