Wild Viking – New Casino Table Game with a 1250:1 Difference!

January 13th, 2008

New from Playtech, Wild Viking is a table game with great gambling options. It is sort of a cross between roulette and poker betting, but also offers a fairly “out there” bet called (of course) The Wild Viking – that pays out at odds of 1250 to 1!

Wild Viking casino game also offers a Progessive Jackpot that offers an even bigger payout. 

OK, so what’s Wild Viking all about then?

Wild Viking combines Roulette and poker bettingAs a casino game it’s actually harder to describe than it is to play (although there is a great online tutorial at Bet365 Casino if you need it).

It’s played with a deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers, and you’re dealt a five card hand.
You’ve got a range of betting options, based on either what you think the whole hand will be worth or on specific cards out of the hand, and you can place as many bets as you like.

Roulette type bets are settled based on the value and suit of your 5th card drawn.

You can bet on single cards, lines and corners, and single rank (say, any 5), Odd/even bets and black/red bets too.

Single card bet pays out at 51:1 !
Single rank pays 12:1
Single suit (like say, any club) pays at 3:1
All odd, or even pays 1:1
Black or red pays 1:1

The big payout is for a “Wild Viking” that pays out at 1250 to 1 (where both the first and fifth cards drawn are jokers). The value of the first and fith card drawn determines the Wild Viking outcome.

Yellow highlighted betting lines in new casino game Wild VikingIt really is easy to play – just click on the appropriate place on the Wild Viking board to place your bets (hover over the bet area and it highlights in yellow and gives you the odds down the bottom of your screen)

Poker bets are paid out based on the entire 5-card hand and the Progressive jackot bet (a fixed $1 bet – is an optional extra).

You win when your 5 card hand is the hand you bet on – or is better than the hand you bet on. To win you need a 3-of a kind or a better poker hand. The higher the poker hand the better your payout. A Royal Viking Flush results in you winning the Progressive Jackpot prize.

I suggest you have a look at this game – you can play it for free as a guest – or play for real money. It’s new, it plays fast and is something just a little different, but based on all the great casino table game basics.

Click to visit Bet365 Casino>>Visit Bet365 Casino to play Wild Viking
>>Find out more about Bet365 Casino

(Sorry, no US players can play real money games at any Playtech based online casino)

PS: Bet365’s January New Player Bonus offers you a 100% first deposit match up to £100 or $200 (or currency equivalent). A X12 playthrough (deposit + bonus) applies.

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