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Time for a Hulking Great Slots Win at BetFred Casino?

Now’s your chance to grab a ‘Hulking great win’ from Bet Fred’s latest videoslot – The Incredible Hulk.  Try your luck to expand your bank balance with the big green nasty – and have some fun in the process.

Incredible Hulk videoslot new at BetFredCasino.comGratuitous violence your thing? The Smash Bonus on this new slot gets you to smash cop cars and helicopters to determine your payout. Nice.

You won’t be seeing any little green men – this guy’s one big green man who can expand to take over multiple reels on your slot machine. The game engine of this cool new slot triggers lots of free spin wins (and they can be retriggered from within a run of free spins).

If you’re a fan of the Marvel TM comics, the tv series from way-back-when, or the latest Hulk Movie you should check out this slot.

Other games added this week at popular betting and gaming site include: Iron Man, Irish Luck, La Chatte Rouge, Rome & Glory, Cherry Love, Thai Paradise, True Love, Knockout, Skazka…3D Roulette, 50 Line Joker Poker and more…

You can play all casino games (except Progressives) for free or for real at BetFred Casino and players are accepted at from around the world (not USA) but in general UK and European players really like this casino.

Click to visit for a look aroundPlay BetFred Casino in one of 16 accepted currencies: GBP, Japanese Yen, Euro, Malaysian Ringgits, American Dollars (USD), NZD, AUD, NOK, Canadian Dollars (CAD), Singapore Dollars, Danish Kronor (DKK), Swedish Kronor, Hong Kong Dollars, Thai Baht, Icelandic Kronor &  South African Rand. 

For more on BetFred Casino:
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Casino Makeover at Victor Chandler Impresses Maus

However unlikely it may sound for an online gambling site to deliver more than their hype, Victor Chandler has exceeded our expectations. Really! We knew the team at VC were tarting up their tired old Chartwell-based online casino, but having finally got around to checking out the makeover, we were astounded!

Instant Play Blackjack, up to GBP1000 per wagerThe new VC Casino, powered by Net Entertainment, is really quite jazzy. Yes, it’s still not a Microgaming or Playtech casino with hundreds of games to choose from (and all those amazingly animated slot machines…) but, for table and card game players who just want instant gaming action with a touch of style, VCCasino is actually now hard to beat!

As Victor Chandler has a reputation that spans more than sixty years in the gambling industry you can take it as a given that they have all their back office processes and the support aspects 100%.

TXS Holdem at Victor Chandler CasinoMy pick of the card games is Txs Holdem poker – great to practice those opening hand decisions… and you can play for free or for real. There’s a good Bacarrat and even the range of Blackjack games give you some excellent wagering options, especially if you’re a system bettor.

My pick of the new VC Casino slots was probably Secrets of Horus, but the The Super Eighties and The Groovy 60s slots are fun too, and I recommend them if you’re a true slots junkie.

Great Video Poker at VCCasino Video Poker at Victor Chandler’s new Casino is also surprisingly good. My favourite was All American (pictured). It might be your too!

You can play all games for free (no registration required) or for real money (becoming a member at VCCasino is free and easy with a whole host of secure deposit options available).

Yes, there’s a £100 joining bonus if you’ve not got a VC account, but the reality is – you’re better just to join up and play… casino bonuses (and not just VC’s) are generally for the mathematically challenged (ie. stupid) and simply more hassle than they’re worth. 

Victor Chandler Casino: Fair, Fast, Funky! Mike Maus
Check out the latest casino news & views at

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How to Play and Win at Craps

Craps - popular and fun at the casino!Dice can be traced to prehistoric times when primordial fortunetellers threw sacred arrows, bone, sticks and stones on the ground to predict the future for his tribe. A cubical die dating back to 600 B.C. was found in Egypt. Dice went through a long evolution of shape, size, form and markings. They were made of wood, stones, bones, animal teeth and horns, nutshells and seeds. American Indians fashioned four-sided knucklebones for dice. In Greek and Roman civilizations, dice were made of more expensive materials like ivory, precious stones and materials, and porcelain.

The game of craps first began in Roman times, but was known as “dice.” Emperors Augustin, Nero and Caligula were devoted players and even cheated at the game. Craps derived from the English game called Hazard in the 18th Century. When it came to France in the 19th Century, it was called craps, from the word “crabs,” which means pair of ones. In 1865, dice-maker John H. Winn published an improved version that led to the way the game is played today.

Craps is an easy game to learn.

How to make a “pass line” bet will get you started. Don’t be concerned with most of the other 40 bets, mainly the proposition and hard-way wagers because their odds are dreadful.

A simple pass line bet, with a low house edge, works like this: A bet is placed on the pass line before the shooter rolls. If the “come out” roll is a 7 or 11, you win. But if it comes up 2, 3 or 12, you lose. If any other number is rolled, that becomes the point number. If the shooter rolls that number again before a 7, you win even money on your pass line bet. But if a 7 comes up first, you lose.

Once the point is set, an additional bet can be made behind the pass line wager. This “odds bet” is the only wager that does not have a house edge and is paid off with true odds. Most casinos offer double odds, which allows a wager twice the pass line bet.

The key to winning is two little words: playing smart.

Other parts of the puzzle, as several experts point out, include a solid game plan, effective money management, discipline and confidence to carry out the plan and knowing how much you are ahead or behind. Most important is discipline. You must set up goals and stick to them. Remember that winning a little is much better than losing any amount.

Next is to understand the bets.

Players must know the rules and comprehend basic and not-so-basic bets. The way to upgrade your prowess is the “p” word: practice, practice, practice. And you can practice free at some Internet websites. No matter your strategy, the key to developing winning online systems is percentages. Smart players limit the risks and look for the best odds.

Optimal craps strategy is comprised of simple pass line and come bets. That’s because the house edge is small than other bets like hard-way wagers. The hard-way bet has some pretty horrible odds. For example, to roll a “hard eight,” you must roll double 4’s before the soft version (2 and 6, 3 and 5) come up or a 7. The don’t come bet must be made after the point is established. If a 7 or 11 are rolled you lose, but if a 2 or 3 comes up you win. A 12 is a standoff. You win if a 7 is rolled before the come point is repeated, but you lose if the come point appears before a 7 does.

Even though you can win consistently, no matter your game plan it is mathematically impossible to have a betting edge over the casino. But you can avoid being a loser if you: Aren’t greedy and don’t set unrealistic winning goals, forget any undisciplined urges and play to win — not to lose. One way to lose consistently is to bet the same amount. It’s all in the odds and those odds are against you winning.

There are several smart methods such as progression and regression – increasing and decreasing wagers at a fixed rate. Also be careful how you let winnings ride. That’s because the average roll of the dice is five times before a seven comes up.

Click to visit online casinoThis article is by Greg at Bookmaker Casino. Be sure to check out this American player-friendly online casino to try out your lucky craps dice roll.

American players welcome too!For more on’s instant-play Casino read the latest reviews (below) or compare Bookmaker Casino to other casinos that accept US wagers.  

>>Bookmaker Casino Review at

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New Slots Alert: Three New Microgaming Casino Games to Tempt You

If you’re like me and just can’t resist trying out the latest and greatest games online, I suggest you check out the three funky new videoslots and the excellent new VideoPoker game at your favourite Microgaming Casino.

Click to visit Spin Palace Casino for a look aroundIf you’re not registered anywhere, or would just like to try your luck somewhere new, check out Spin Palace Casino (it’s a popular UK operated casino and part of the Palace Group of online entertainment sites).

So what are the games?

LumberCats slot from MicrogamingLumber Cats – a five reel videoslot with a lumberjacky/cat thing happening. Play with the tough tabbies for some tiger-sized rewards…there a Tree Climb Bonus Game, a Log-Roll Feature (Re-Spins), plus the option to Gamble as you win on the reels. 

Slots rating:
2/5 for graphics (I like cats, but this is not one of Microgaming’s more stylish slots)
4/5 for playability… quality Microgaming game engine with multiple ways to win
2/5 for fun factor – This slot was Ok, perhaps a bit naf. Cartoon Cat lovers should certanily check this one out!

Scoop the Cash slot from MicrogamingScoop the Cash Slot – a game show-styled five reel with lots of action. A Safe is the first Scatter and triggers the Free Spins with Multiplier Feature when 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels – all wins are instantly doubled and the feature can be re-triggered. The second Scatter is a Dice Symbol. Should this symbol appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 the lucrative Scoop the Cash Bonus Game is activated presenting you 3 ways to win up to 100x your bet.

Slots rating:
3/5 for graphics (I’m not much into game shows…but did like the bouncy safe & barrows of cash)
4/5 for playability… easy, quick, not buggy…lots of win action and gameshow hype. Cool Dice Rolls!
5/5 for fun factor – yes I really like this slot and come away after a hour’s play with a credible EUR250 profit!  🙂

Jewels of the Orient slot from Microgaming Jewels of the Orient – a slot with Beautiful princesses and maharanis to tempt you. A splendid Temple is the Scatter and triggers the Palace Bonus Game when 3, 4 or 5 are discovered across the reels. The Second Screen Bonus Game presents you with a choice of 3 Treasure Bearers, each offering a Mystery Gift. Select the correct Gift and you could win 40 Free Spins with a 5x Multiplier!

Slots rating:
4/5 for graphics (very pretty really, nice animation of key icons too)
4/5 for playability… easy, quick, not buggy…good of win action.
4/5 for fun factor – yes I liked this stylish slot.

Click to visit Spin Palace Casino for a look aroundThere is a special promotion running at Spin Palace Casino to reward you for being among the early birds to try out these new games. Special Club Points Offer – Earn Triple (3) Club Points by playing Scoop the Cash Slot, Jewels of the Orient Slot & Lumber Cats Slot before 23:59 GMT. (18:59 EST.) on Sunday 6th September, 2009.

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