Optimal Strategy for Online Video Poker

September 19th, 2008

Video Poker Winning StrategyVideo Poker is simple to play but requires some knowledge and skill to master. Poker players will be familiar with the basics of video poker hand construction and rankings – and if you’re not, it can be picked up quickly!

You are dealt five cards and must decide which cards to keep and which to discard in order to stand the best chance of constructing a winning hand. Any cards discarded from the original five dealt are replaced from those remaining in the deck.

You don’t need to beat any other hand, and are paid out according to the ranking of your hand on the pay-out table. The stronger the hand the better the prize. Like all poker games the ultimate goal is to hit the Royal Flush and win a huge jackpot!

Video Poker Game Variations
The most popular and commonly played Video Poker is ‘Jacks or Better’, where you have to achieve a pair of Jacks, or better, to win a pay-out.

Most online casinos offer a good range of video poker variations including 10s or Better, Deuces Wild and Aces and Faces. The pay-out tables vary from game to game.

One popular development is the ability to play multiple lines at once, ranging from 4-line, 10-line, 25-line and even 50 and 100-line games!

No matter how many lines you play, the game is the same. In Multi-Line, your decisions will affect all lines. If you’re playing 25-line and keep a pair of Kings, while changing three cards, then on all 25 lines you retain a pair of Kings, and three new cards will be dealt for each of the 25 lines. This offers a great way for players to maximise their wins. Any guaranteed win will count on all 25 lines and stands a chance of being improved on all of them.

Some online video poker games now offer a Progressive Jackpot and can be very rewarding indeed!

Video Poker Optimal Strategy

Play Max Coins: The highest pay-out in Video Poker results from play the maximum number of coins per hand. Of course, always play within your means and keep to limits you are comfortable with. So lower your starting stakes to the minimum and try to play the maximum coins per hand if you’re looking for that jackpot pay-out!

Optimal Strategy: As with any other form of Casino gaming, when it all comes down to it you rely on your instincts and gut feelings to play video poker. If you feel lucky and get a hunch then follow it. There is a way of approaching ‘Jacks or Better’, however, that is considered to be an optimal strategy and mathematically superior to other ways of playing.  The optimal strategy is one which is played with an eye firmly on the Royal Flush – check out the following table.

Optimal Video Poker Strategy - visit Bet365 Casino

















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