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Cool New Slot Machine Alert!

Have you tried “What’s Cooking?” slot yet?

Whats Cooking - new 30 payline video slot at Bet365 CasinoGraphically great, with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs and cuts of meat worthy of the very best BBQ. The range of animated culinary disasters in the making with pots boiling over, wayward blenders, pans afire and smoking ovens bring the game to life as you play.

This 30 Line Video Slot may make you hungry while playing, so I suggest you stock up on some computer snacks before you start.

Bonus game - Whats Cookine slot machine at Bet365 CasinoThe bonus cook book on reels one and five triggers the bonus round to determine your number of free spins and multiplier. It’s fun – you get to make a sandwich and choose all your toppings… mmm…tasty! I apparently make excellent sandwiches! (I’m not sure what you do if you’re a vegetarian or vegan though as the first selection is the type of meat to put in your snack, and it’s a while since I had an Octopus sandwich! At least the team at Playtech didn’t offer whale, or dog!)

What’s Cooking slot is one of Playtech’s “Dollar Ball” games and so can be played for a credible Progressive Jackpot as well as the standard game bonus payouts. The Jackpot is currently over a $100,000. Nice.

What’s Cooking?‘s game sounds are a bit odd. I guess a kicthen timer kinda sound works, but the snooty chef seems to sniff and taste things? Hard to tell, and I must confess to turning them down a bit so the cat could enjoy sleeping on the computer desk for the last session I played… (you gotta get your priorites straight and a grumpy cat just is not worth it!)

What toppings will you put on your bread?

Click to visit this top rated UK casinoCheck out What’s Cooking slot game, new at Bet365 Casino today! Play this new download-only slot machine for free or real money.

(Sorry, no US players can join any online casino powered by Playtech).

PS: While you’re at Bet365 Casino, you can also win a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in January. There are fun new competitions running most days in January – but play in 2 out of the 3 casino tournaments (Spinner Winner Roulette Tournament (5th/6th January), Reel Race Slots Tournament (12th/13th January) & Blackjack Bonanza (19th/20th January) to get into the lucky Vegas draw.

PPS: A big ‘Congratulations’ to Gabriel V from the team at Gabriel won a brand new Porsche Boxster sports car courtesy of Bet365 Casino in December.

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Win a trip for two to Ireland

Click to visit this top Irish online casino





You’ve still got a chance to win a trip for two to Ireland (or a cash equivalent, your choice) courtesy of DublinBet online casino. Any deposit until midnight December 31 gives you an entry in the lucky draw. The more deposits you make, the more chances you have to win.

The draw will be held live on January 2nd 2008!  

That’s airfares, accomodation, €500 in free chips at Fitzwillian Card Club & Casino and 2x 1 day tours of beautiful Ireland.

There is also a count down to New Year running at DublinBet where you can claim up to €1500 in bonus casino chips…

By the way, DublinBet in our view offers one of the best Blackjack games on the net. You can play Early Payout Basic Strategy Blackjack either as a standard online casino game or against a live dealer (who is usually a dude called Sean or Mick or a cutie called Colleen… well, no we’ve actually had mostly non Irish named dealers, like Damian and Stuart).

We’ve had feedback that several readers who joined DublinBet having read about them in have had a STUNNING month payout wise in December… Fancy YOUR luck in January?

Check out (Sorry, no US players due to America’s stoopid gambling laws)
Read more about DublinBet in the latest casino review on site at

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Christmas Cake and Hours Online

Thanks to the 2 readers who sent in these seasonal cartoons. Excellent. Hope you’re enjoying some festive cheer!

The team at








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Time for a little Christmas Cheer?

Three Christmas cartoons worth sharing  😉


Check out our “new look” web site – has been madeover…

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Taking Chances: Be Bold to Double Your Money

Here’s an excellent piece of gambling advice on “Bold Play” from author and probability expert, John Haigh.

Click to visit Bodog Casino - players from around the world welcome except Canadians! US OK.This example uses Roulette as it is by far the most popular casino game, apparently taking around 60% of total casino stakes in the UK and Europe. The lesson to be learned from this example, however, is just as applicable to all casino games, even slot machines where max bets rather than single line betting is recommended for maximum returns. 


Paul needs £216 for an air ticket to see his team play in the European Cup final tonight. He has half that amount, £108, but might as well have nothing! Can the roulette wheel at his favourite casino help?

Faced with any similar problem, there is one maxim: in unfavourable games, bold play is best, timid play is worst.

To advise Paul, let’s begin by simplifying the situation, and suppose that even money bets on roulette also lose when zero turns up. Then the house advantage is the same whatever individual bet we make.

One bold play is to bang the entire £108 on Red. Then 18 times out of 37 – or 48.6% of the time Paul can cash his chips immediately for £216, and travel to the game. Otherwise, he’s lost all his money and must watch the game on TV!

Best roulette betsThere are other bold approaches. He could divide his money into 18 equal piles of £6, and be prepared to make successive bets on a single number until he has either run out of cash, or one bet has succeeded. Single numbers pay at 35:1, so one win is enough. To calculate his chance of success, we first find the chance that all his bets lose. Any bet loses 36 times in 37, so the chances they all lose is 0.61.  For this strategy, the chance that at least one bet wins is 39%, rather worse than the single bet on Red.

Paul has an alternative way to use the 35:1 payout on single number bets. He already has £108. so if he uses just £4 on the first bet (£3 is not quite enough), a win would take him to his target, so long as he has at least £76, a winning bet using a £4 stake gains enough; with less than this, he should stake £5, and when he has £41 left as bankroll, he must increase each bet to £6. In this way, he can plan to make a total of 22 bets if necessary (nine of £4, seven of £5, six of £6); if any of them win, he has reached his target, otherwise he is reduced to £1.

Roulette gamblingThe chance that they all lose is about 54.7%, so he succeeds only 45.3% of the time. His last-ditch hope is to win a 5:1 bet with the final £1, and then a 35:1 bet using the £6: this takes his chance up to 45.7% only. Overall, this is better than trying the 18 bets of £6, but not as good as one big bet on Red.

One final try: place his whole £108 bankroll on the odds-on bet of a split column. If that wins, he has £162, so he can now place £54 on Red; if that wins, victory! If that loses, he is back to £108 and can begin to repeat his sequence. This strategy wins only 47.3% of the time. All of these alternatives attempts are inferior to the original suggestion of a single bet on one of the even money chances. And, in reality, that bet is even more favourable than we have supposed, because of the zero rule on the bets on Red. Taking that into account, Paul has a 49.3% chance of getting to see the match. His stay at the casino will be short, but he has no interest in the extended pleasure of watching his fortune fluctuate; it is the airport or bust!

The numbers in this example were chosen to make it mathematically easy, but bold play means making as few bets as possible.

Compare top roulette casinosCompare the top online casinos we recommend for great roulette  

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There once was a man called Kilfeather…

Win a lambswool sweater at DublinBet Casino Dublinbet always has a fun competition or promotion on offer for it’s casino players and the lead in to Christmas is no exception.

They’re currently running another of their Limerick competitions for those inclined to combine wit and words… and in an unusual promo you can earn a lambswool sweater

(perhaps not quite as cute as the 2 in the photo! …and do not write in and tell me all about the sad reality behind the slink skins these lambs are actually wearing, rather than wooly jumpers! I’m a New Zealander – where the sheep population far exceeds the people population!) 

DublinBet Casino’s latest winning Limerick: (By Paul R. of Westport)

There once was a man called Kilfeather,
Who fancied himself as a bettor,
His pride it was hurt,
As he soon lost his shirt,
His trousers, his socks and his sweater.

Can you do better?  Fancy yourself a lyrical genius? Put pen to paper fingers to keyboard and send DublinBet Casino an email with your best Limerick. Judging is 100% subjective and making them laugh is more likely to win. Enter as often as you like!

Top rated Irish online casino, DublinBet runs Limerick contests on a regular basis and you can win €100 – credited to your player account!

In addition, you can earn a FREE 100% Lambswool sweater! Yes, that’s a FREE Sweater!

When you deposit €500 or more at DublinBet they’ll ship you a FREE 100% lambswool sweater. This is easily the best sweater you will ever own – shipped to you direct from Ireland! (…Let’s hope they are not green!)  Act soon – this promotion ends December 31st at midnight GMT.

Click to visit Dublinbet CasinoCheck out details of these promos onsite at DublinBet Casino.

>>Read more about this top Irish online casino in a detailed review of DublinBet Casino onsite at (Sorry no US players)

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Win a Trip to Ireland – LIVE lucky draw December 24

Click to visit DublinBet Casino for a look aroundYou can win a trip for two to Ireland (or a cash equivalent, your choice) – just by making a deposit at Dublinbet Casino. Every deposit from now until December 23 gives you a chance and the more deposits you make, the more chances to win.

The lucky draw will be held LIVE on DublinBet December 24th! is an innovative and classy casino and card room with some of the best live dealer games on the net. They use the latest webcasting technology so you can join the live action at the Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino, in central Dublin, Ireland.

DublinBet’s Distance Gaming® is a ‘must-try’ even if you’re not fussed for live dealer games – we also rate the unique and patented Early Payout Blackjack and they’ve got good video poker too.  
So what do I win?

Airfares (€500 Flight Credit), accomodation (3 Days 2 Nights accommodation – deluxe room for 2), €500 in free chips at Fitzwillian Card Club & Casino ….and two 1-day tours of your choice to explore beautiful Ireland.

Yes, you can just take the cash if you must!

Feeling lucky? Want a cool trip?

>>Go to DublinBet Casino

>>Read more about DublinBet Casino in the latest review 

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Snow Honeys should be buried in a snow drift

Snow Honeys new from MicrogamingIn a truly “scraping the barrel” manner, Microgaming has released it’s new Snow Honeys slot machine. The graphics quality of this slot is fine, even the potential for cash is OK, it’s just, well, a fairly grotty game. We feel that in order to keep up it’s promise of at least 4 new casino game launches each month, Microgaming should not have to stoop so low!

Snow Honeys Microgaming slot machineThe supposed highlight of Snow Honeys is a really inane “Hide and seek bonus feature” where a rabbit throws snowballs at people in a ski chalet to reveal your winnings. OK what is with that?

Snow Honeys free spins feature lets you win up to 30 free spins at a x5 multiplier – you can win up to 20,000 coins but – and here’s a big Boo – the bonus feature (or more free spins) cannot be triggered during free spins.

Overall Snow Honeys has a “cheery” background sound – perhaps a bit twee for many, like, me! Did I mention that… I really hate this slot?

Recommendation: Don’t bother to play this slot! (And if you do, don’t say you weren’t warned!) Microgaming offer far better games, and some suggestions on slots you might like to play include:

>> Hitman: Check out the new Flash (no download) version of Hitman launced in time to coincide with the Hitman movie release.

>> The Osbournes: Go walk Minnie the dog in The Osbournes slot. A clever new game feature in a 5 reel bonus slot.

>> GeeGees: Disco your way to wealth on GeeGees (Flash or download casino). This horsey-BeeGees 3-Reel, 1-Payline, 1- Coin Slot is based on the traditional UK style fruit machines.

(All links above take you to stylish “lucky stars” Zodiac Casino – where players from around the world are welcome, including Americans from 39 States)

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